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Making Christmas magic

In winter, the trees of the boreal forest appear as a large gathering of Christmas trees, lining highways and roads, filling fields and rising up the sides of hills.

Two of the most common types of evergreen trees in the north are the black spruce and the balsam. The balsam has flat rows of little green needles along its stems, while the black spruce needles grow around the stem to create a fuller effect.

The black spruce grows in large numbers in the north, with a network of roots beneath the surface of the ground, stabilizing the earth, and ensuring the tree species will likely go on forever.

The balsam tree is less likely to be found, and is a pretty little addition to any northern forest.

All trees become spectacles of absolute delight in the annual Temagami Country Christmas which is taking place again this year.

During this event, which this year takes place on the evenings of December 6 and 7, a business property on a mining road north of Temagami is transformed into a magical land of lights and people dedicated to make the Temagami Country Christmas a truly enchanting time of year.

A forest trail has been created behind the property and every year LED lights are set up along the trail to ensure that every tiny droplet of snow, ice or water shines like a star. Along with this, the more traditional lights are draped on smaller, ideally located trees which stand along the trail. They aren't damaged. They are decorated where they stand. Then there are the lit plastic globes and other plastic characters who are stationed within the forest.

In the buildings on the site, there are many entertaining features. A special construction was undertaken a few years and the jolly old elf himself has his own pine-clad headquarters where small children can have a quiet time to tell him about their year, and their one great wish.

While this is one of my favourite Christmas events, Christmas scenes like this are happening everywhere at this time of year.

What the true magic of it is though is all the amazing volunteers who have been working throughout the year in order to bring Christmas alive for this short season.

These Christmas settings, pageants, parades, sleigh rides, concerts and so much more are all made possible by the spirit of Christmas which connects people everywhere.

The trees stand arm in arm, just as the volunteers do at this time of year, and make sure the magic of Christmas can happen for everyone.

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